MUUL RUCKBUCKET tailgate on the beach
Stuff We Drool About
"sports plenty of daisy chains, lash points, and a zippered stash pocket up front"
MUUL RuckBucket Puts A Bucket In A Backpack Form Factor
"the result is undeniably superb..."
Truck Bed for Your Back: Crushproof ‘RuckBucket’ Reinvents Backpack
"Muul’s RuckBucket is one of the more unique backpacks we’ve seen."
"Buckets are awesome... What if you can strap that bucket to your back and shoulders instead? That’s exactly what they did with the MUUL RuckBucket."
MUUL™ Launches the RUCKBUCKET™ 5 Gallon Pack
"Merging the two most useful ways to carry recreational gear."
Trade in Your Tote for One of These 11 Superior Beach Bags
"The five-second Elevator Kickstarter pitch is it’s a five-gallon bucket in backpack form." 
MUUL RuckBucket 5-Gallon Pack
"This jumbo pack is ready to take on just about anything."
Muul’s RuckBucket is the Toughest Cooler-Pack on the Market
 "This thing is so tough, you can even use it as a motorcycle lift."