Ruckbucket™ Coolmando Style

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Includes our N500D pack with MOLLE webbing, heavy duty bucket AND the removable cooler insert.

The RuckBucket™ is a truck bed for your back that goes places and hauls things that those overpriced waterproof packs and soft coolers are afraid of. Haul away your day with RuckBucket™. 

  • RUGGED - Muul™ Ruckbucket™ is the World’s Toughest Insulated Backpack. With the cooler insert it's literally 3 comfortable lightweight backpacks in one. A crushproof, watertight and insulated bucket backpack. It may be none of our business but when was the last time you broke a bucket? Exactly.
  • VERSATILE - Modular Accessory Mounting System. Every RuckBucket™ is infinitely customizable with our modular Molle accessories for enhanced fun.
  • TAKE A SEAT - Whether you’re fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, tailgating, or simply just want to get off your feet and relax, the “tailgate tested” RuckBucket™ comes equipped with a padded bucket lid seat where you can enjoy that ice cold refreshing beverage you’ve been packing around all day.


  • One RuckBucket™ Backpack & Cooler Insert